Nikki & Sam :: Wedding

The Wedding of Nikki & Sam McDonald

It seems like so long ago now when Nikki first contact me (about a year and a half to be honest) about their wedding!  Heck we didn't get to meet for the longest time either!  But honestly,  Nikki is such an outgoing people person we clicked the moment we did.  To begin with,  Nikki is already so comfortable in front of the camera (probably because she is an actress,  check her out!) which made for some really great moments!  You'll just have to watch the video

While I love traveling to go to weddings, it was wonderful to get to stay in the Denton area!  Not to mention that Ashton Gardens in Denton is just absolutely beautiful.  It's definitely one of the best kept secrets in the DFW and Denton area.  As the sun sets behind the glass walls of the chapel the chapel truly shines,  however our ceremony was set in the evening when it was getting dark so with candles set around the stage and an open background it really gave the ceremony a very intimate feeling. 

On this particular wedding I had the pleasure of working with some really great and talented guys to make everything really fall into place!  On this particular wedding Zac Simmons of Zac & Kaitlin Photography helped make things really happen, covering all the shots I wasn't able to during the day of!  He and I also had the pleasure of meeting Evan Godwin Photography,  this guy really is on top of things.  The whole day he ran around snapping photos and really got some great stuff (that you should check out here).  And of course with my own wedding coming up shortly I asked the talented Mr. Ryan Polly to help me on the editing front of things and he really helped pull it all together and told the story that we found.  All together it was great working with such talented people to document such an amazing day.

The story between these two goes way back and its clearly evident just being around them for the day.  It was such a pleasure to be able to be there and take part in their day!  Thank you Nikki & Sam,  and congratulations! 

Check out some of our screenshots from the day below!